Sibre (Siegerland Bremsen)

Siegerland Bremsen Emde GmbH & Co. KG, well-known as Sibre, is market leader for drum and disc brakes and is also one of the leading manufacturers of industrial couplings.

Besides these products, Sibre is also producer of a large range of brakes such as Storm brakes, belt drive brakes, wind turbine brakes and couplings.

Sibre´s company philosophy is based on their efforts to achieve an optimal combination of a high quality and easy-to-use product with a market-oriented price.

Disc brake SHI
Disc brake Texu
Disc brake USB
Drum brake
Disc brake CB
Storm brake RPS
Drum brakes TEzwb
Storm brake RTCB
Coupling with brake disc
Coupling with brake drum
Drum coupling
Range of products Sibre
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