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45th anniversary of Boone B.V!

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45th anniversary of Boone B.V!

In 2019 we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Boone B.V!

Established in 1974 as a small home-based enterprise, Boone has now developed into a flourishing business.

Mr. Lau Boone started the company after several years in the service of Bruinhof. Just an ordinary desk and some document files characterize the very beginning. At first Rhenania parts were delivered, promptly followed by several really obvious brands as Flender and Stromag.

As the company increased steadily, it required a larger business accommodation. A new location was found at the Havendam in Oud-Beijerland.

After the production stop of gearbox manufacturer Rhenania the complete drawing package was acquired. This proved to be an important opportunity to deliver spares for existing gearboxes.

Because of the attendance at exhibitions, the attraction of well-known brands such as Keller and KWD, but mostly because of the supply of quality and appropriate service, Boone became more and more a well-established business in the maritime sector.

In 1992 Boone moved to the current location at the L.J. Costerstraat in Oud-Beijerland. This location provided more storage space and improved the accessibility of the expanding company.

Meanwhile the industrial market was entered. With representations of brands such as Sibre, Kumera, Etron, Gosan and Jaure the company extended its services succesfully in this sector.

For a few years now Boone has employed service engineers to complete the range of service. Thereby it is possible to act promptly in case of an inspection and/or repair. This applies to worldwide maritime and industrial applications.

In short, the location changed as well as the company logo, but the flexibility and no-nonsense policy to serve its clients purposively, remained.

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