About Boone

About Boone

Boone has been a global partner in engineering, technical solutions and trading within the Maritime, Industry and Infrastructure sectors for over 50 years.

We started as a product reseller and have developed into a problem solver and facilitator for high-quality projects within these sectors. We provide services such as inspections and repairs, regardless of the brand or type.

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Our products

At Boone we know what is available on the global market and how to responsibly combine gearboxes, couplings, bearings and brakes in a reliable and safely operating drive. With a complete range of products and our extensive knowledge, we offer our customers a solution for every problem.


Our service

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Since our establishment in 1974, we offer total solutions for the maritime sector worldwide. We are a partner in production and overhaul as well as advice regarding drives for the offshore, dredging and maritime industry. Naturally, we work with well-known brands such as Kumera gearboxes, Stromag high-elastic couplings and Gosan sheaves. We also have complete know-how of Rhenania gearboxes.

Our added value for you? With our experience, knowledge of the market and no-nonsense approach, we are able to solve your technical challenge.

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From 2002, we also focused our expertise and products on industrial applications of drive technology. This branch of Boone offers specialist solutions for customers regarding gearboxes, couplings and brakes.

Our product range includes well-known brands such as Kumera gearboxes, Sibre brakes and couplings and Etron barrel couplings. With this range and thanks to our specialist knowledge, we can assist you in order to achieve long-term solutions.

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With the knowledge we have gained in the maritime sector and industrial applications, it was a logical step to also offer our solutions to government-related organizations.

We have been supplying products and total solutions for Rijkswaterstaat since 2005. We not only supply the products and knowledge, but also supervise the entire project from start to delivery.

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Our brands

We can deliver several brands, such as:

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